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Welcome from the Williams-Sterling Foundation

Thank you for visiting our Internet site!

The Williams-Sterling Foundation (WSF) is a Special purpose 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and was formed to provide disaster relief programs and real estate development assistance as a result of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and the hurricanes of 2005. 

Our community and faith-based grass roots redevelopment campaign has been working since the clean-up and recovery phases of the Hurricanes of 2005 began. We are extremely proud of our past modular redevelopment successes in the City of New Orleans and are honored to have accepted the invitation to improve the quality of life for those who suffered losses and are still affected by the Hurricanes of 2005 & 2008.

We are extremely proud of the social good that we have accomplished, and look forward to providing clear, recognizable and relevant change  with our newly launched “Homeless Warriors Housing Program” (HWHP).  As you continue your visit with us today, you will learn more about our approval to participate in the Department of Veteran Affairs VA Homeless Sales Program. A program that allows non-profits like the WSF the opportunity to acquire foreclosure properties to provide assistance to homeless veterans. And our approval into the Wells Fargo REO Community Development Community & Urban Stabilization Program (CUSP). Approval into this program allows the WSF as a 501 (c)(3) eligible to receive donated properties from Wells Fargo's donated property programs.

If you are not familiar with our non-profit organization and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

At present, our new inter-active content management system is still under construction that will enable us to broadcast current program progress reports, as well as, view project progress via current mapping technologies, so that we reach and engage our supporters and always keep you up to date. Please understand that there may be a waiting period while each program rollout is activated.

The Williams-Sterling Foundation faces unprecedented funding pressures in our ever-changing world. Your continued financial support is so very much appreciated.

Enjoy your tour.



Vision:  To provide assistance to homeless veterans and sponsor projects under the WSF's Homeless Warriors Housing Program that will focus on transitional and permanent housing. 

Mission:  All funds raised will be contributed to the WSF's Homeless Warriors Housing Program to re-develop, re-purpose and/or restore severely distressed properties acquired from Wells Fargo's Property Donation Program and/or to purchase Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) properties at a discount, then renovate, re-purpose and/or restore them as single family dwellings to use as transitional and/or permanent housing for our nations homeless veterans and their families.

 Commission:  Williams-Sterling Foundation the philanthropic arm of Williams-Sterling, Inc. was formed as a special purpose 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, to provide community and disaster relief programs in the form of gap philanthropy financing and real estate development assistance.  

WSF's Community-Based Outreach Plan (Homeless Warriors Housing Program): In FY 2013, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the results of the 2013 Point-in-Time Estimates of Homelessness, which was prepared by HUD.  The report estimated there were 57,849 homeless Veterans on a single night in January in the United States.  Today that total is confirmed to be at 67,495.



In 2009, President Obama announced the Federal government's goal to end Veteran homelessness by 2015. According to 2013 Point-in-Time Estimates, Veteran Homelessness totaled 67,495. A 2014 Point-In-Time Count, a survey of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons found that on any given night, 617 veterans in Virginia are homeless in the State of Virginia.


Thank You for your Support for the Williams-Sterling Foundation

All Americans are indebted to the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and their families for their service to our country. One tangible method for expressing our gratitude to these individuals for their sacrifices is to provide housing, job creation and training opportunities, to ensure that our homeless and unemployed veterans are given the necessary care and support to put them on a path to success. 

Housing Veterans Experiencing Homelessness:

Our Trustee James H. Williams served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, Separate from March 14, 1964 to January 4, 1966. He has been a constant advocate and supporter of our armed forces since his days of military service. He continues his proud tradition of serving those who sacrifice so much for our country – by identifying and implementing social entrepreneurial and federal, state and local community-based partnerships that support housing opportunities and have strategies targeting veteran homelessness.

In FY 2014, the WSF was approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to participate in their VA Homeless Sales Program. In a like manner, the WSF was approved to participate in Wells Fargo's Property Donation Program under their REO Community Development Community & Stabilization Program. Our objective and goals are to work with our community partners to acquire and receive properties, then renovate, re-purpose and/or restore them as single family dwellings to use as transitional and/or permanent housing for our nations homeless veterans and their families. 







Click here to learn more about the WSF's HWHP

 “Those who have served our Nation should never find themselves on the streets, living without hope,” said former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.  “These grants play a critical role in addressing Veteran homelessness by assisting our vital partners at the local level in their efforts.  We are making good progress towards our goal to end Veterans’ homelessness, but we still have work to do.” 

Department of Veterans Affairs Homeless Sales Program

The WSF's HWHP is about changing the lives of our warfighters and their families, by providing them the very information needed for them to access earned entitlements from their years of service to end their homelessness. While providing the advocacy they need to transition them back into our society and workforce. The program will focus (and serve) homeless veterans (specifically female homeless veterans and their families) and very low-income Veteran families who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. The program employs a housing first model, an approach which centers on providing homeless Veterans with transition and permanent housing benefits and services as needed.  

Homeless Warriors Housing Program (HWHP):  

Wells Fargo REO Community Development & Urban Stabilization Program

The WSF's approval into Wells Fargo's REO property donation program has already created a real-time opportunity to showcase how the property donation program (and its Community Development team) promotes favorable outcomes for severely distressed properties.

Partnering with Wells Fargo allows the WSF to align its social entrepreneurial goals to provide transitional and permanent housing to our nations homeless veterans, with the responsible disposition goals of REO properties with community initiatives that will revitalize blighted neighborhoods. 

Virginia Moves to End Homelessness by the End of 2015

In Virginia, starting on September 24, 2014, communities across the State have engaged in the 100 day Challenge to house Veterans experiencing homelessness. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Governor Terry McAuliffe and Mayors from Alexandria, Hampton, Petersburg, Richmond, Salem, Roanoke, Norfolk, Portmouth and Newport News signed the Mayors Challenge. 

Virginia's Challenge to End Homelessness of Veterans by the End of 2015

Current WSF/Wells Fargo REO Community Development Efforts:

Virginia Challenge: City of Roanoke, Virginia:

In September 2014, the WSF was approved to participate & receive a property from the Wells Fargo REO Community Development Community & Urban Stabilization Program. Well Fargo's Property donation program is known as CUSP. On November 17, 2014, through the Wells Fargo Donated Property Program, the WSF and Wells Fargo successfully concluded the transfer of this transaction at 1302 Lafayette Boulevard, Roanoke, Virginia.

The Roanoke, Virginia property contains two (2) lots.  All funds raised will be contributed to the WSF's Homeless Warriors Housing Program to restore and develop a Phase 1 and Phase 2 opportunity. We anticipate this property at completion being used to house four (4) of our nations homeless veterans and their families.  Phase 1 will be the restoration of the existing structure.   This will house two (2) of our nations homeless veterans families.  At Phase 2 of this project, a second structure will be built adjacent to Phase 1 which will also house two (2) of our nations homeless veterans families.  


View properties current conditions :

       1302 LAFAYETTE BLVD. N.W., ROANOKE, VA 24017 

Virginia Challenge and Future WSF Community-Based Outreach Plans (Homeless Warriors Housing Program): 

Using the Roanoke, Virginia re-development as its template, the WSF will again access the Wells Fargo Property donation program, replicate and successfully conclude the transfer of another property in the remaining participating cities (Alexandria, Hampton, Richmond, Petersburg, Salem, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News) that signed the Mayors Challenge and have strategies targeting veteran homelessness.


2006 thru 2012 Hurricane Katrina Louisiana Modular Housing Initiatives 

WSF's Community-Based Outreach Plan: Realistic outreach to the elderly, disable and first-time home buyers affected by the Gulf Coast Hurricanes was absolutely necessary when the WSF arrived to New Orleans in 2006. Over a decade ago Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma devastated South Louisiana, claiming 1,464 lives, destroying more than 200,000 homes and 18,000 businesses. Hurricane Katrina devastated the City of New Orleans. The Ninth Ward was drastically impacted the most. Housing continued to be a need for many of hurricanes Katrina and Rita storm victims. Our objective and goals were to continue the construction of new modular homes for families who were displaced by those Hurricanes. Rebuilding a community is time intensive, and cannot be put on a time-line. The quality assurance plan the WSF had in place indicated that there was no set time frame for us to do our part to ensure that affected families continue to get the necessary recognition, advocacy and housing assistance lacking in that post-Katrina environment. Those standards still apply today.
WSF's Community-Based Redevelopment: The road to econmic recovery, especially in underserved communities is a long and difficult one.  As social entrepreneurs, we by necessity had to seek out and engage socially motivated benefactors in our community development planning. Our goal was to be of service and provide housing stock, that was State of Louisiana and Parish code approved, to storm-impacted areas, tailored to mirror the re-development objectives of the New Orleans community and the State of Louisiana as a whole.

WSF's History in Orleans & Modular Home Redevelopment Track Record: From 2006 thru 2010, the WSF has provided its services in the Gentilly Woods Neighborhood of New Orleans East and the Lower Ninth Ward in Orleans Parish.  In September 2010, the WSF was awarded by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) six (6) properties in the Lower Ninth Ward to assist with their community and neighborhood based re-development of properties in Orleans Parish.


2009 Gentilly Woods Modular Redevelopment (New Orleans East/Pontchatrain Park) 
 Pictured is 82 year old resident Henry McCathen

Click here to see how this modular home was delivered and installed

Gentilly Woods Modular Redevelopment
2009 Dreux Ave Redevelopment Project

2008 First Post Katrina Rebuild - Historic Lower 9th Ward Redevelopment on Jourdan Avenue 
Pictured is new home owner Jason Freeman and the WSF's Director of Operations Harold R. Williams

First Post Katrina Rebuild April 20, 2008


Industrial canalJourdan Avenue Industrial Canal levee break and Post Katrina Rebuild 

Notice the red barge (upper right corner) that broke thru the Industrial Canal levee. The Jourdan Ave redevelopment project site was to the left of the barge. The completion of this redevelopment project,

represented the "first" post Hurricane Katrina rebuild on Jourdan Avenue in the lower 9th ward, as reported by the Times Picayune Newspaper on April 20, 2008.


Looking at the picture above, the N.Miro St redevelpoment project at the Jackson Barricks was approximately 1.4 miles south of the Jourdan Ave project. See before and after pictures for both properties/projects below. 

2005 & 2008 Before and After Modular Redevelopment
2005 & 2010 Before and After Modular Redevelopment at N. Miro St (near Jackson Barracks)



WSF's Community-Based Advocacy and Redevelopment Support: The WSF continued its community-based advocacy, re-development and "lessons learned" from the hurricanes of 2005 & 2008 objectives in the New Orleans community and the State of Louisiana as a whole during the 2012 hurricane season. 

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