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Via Teaming Agreement with a global chemical manufacturing entity, we are able to provide items under the following SAM categories:


Petroleum and Petroleum Products:



Our Present Inventory of Diesel Fuel Products


 A) Ten (10) 55-gallon drums of ACES Diesel Formula.  One (1) drum treats 110,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel. Total amount treated – 1,100,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel 


 B) Two (2) 55-gallon drums of ACES Refinery Diesel Formula. One 55-gallon drum treats 275,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel. Total amount to be treated – 550,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel.  Combining both A & B is a total of 1,650,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel.  Both A & B can be introduced in traditional Diesel Fuels and JP-4/JP-8 fuels.


 Our Present Delivery of Diesel Fuel Products:

 Product:                                                                                         Quantity


1) Various Ignition Chemicals-tech drums                              80-160 drums every 30 days

2) Various Lubricant Chemicals-tech drums                           80-160 drums every 30 days




Present Production Capabilities for ACES Technologies 


Daily volume capability to produce fuel catalysts - ACES Diesel Formula/ACES Jet Fuel catalyst is as follows:   

(Note: This is a full 8 hour shift capability)

  • 80,000 gallons of fuel catalyst per day  treating a total of 160,000,000 gallons of fuel per day @ 1 gallon per 2,000 gallons 
Yearly volume capability to produce fuel catalysts - ACES Diesel Formula/ACES Jet Fuel catalyst  (at a 7 day per week production) treating a total of:
(Note: This is a full 8 hour shift capability) 
  • 58,240,000,000 gallons of treated fuel @1 gallon per 2,000 gallons of fuel. 
Adding and additional 8 hour shift per day with a 7 day per week production would increase this total to 116,480,000,000 gallons of fuel @ 1 gallon per 2,000 gallons.

 Summary/Conclusion and Environmental Impact

This is a realistic expectation for all the branches of government that will will materials to assist them in both as a fuel reduction strategy as well as the reduction in environmental impact on CO2 emissions and climate concerns.




How our ACES Diesel Fuel Additive Works

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